This piece is as refreshing as the morning sunshine, Its yellow-beige color is simulating the morning light and refreshens.

ASTM Material Tests result
No. Standard Test Method Result ASTM Limits
According to the ASTM Standards, All the above test results exceeds the limits of ASTM Standards
1 ASTM – C97 Determination of Water Absorption 1.4% 3.0%(max.)
2 ASTM – C99-87 Determination of Modules of Rupture 1624 PSI 1000 PSI(min.)
3 ASTM – C880-98 Determination of Flexural Strength 1406 PSI 1000 PSI(min.)
4 ASTM – C170-90 Determination of Compressive Strength 11237 PSI 8000 PSI(min.)
5 Determination of Density 2575 (KG/M3) 2560 (KG/M3)(min.)

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